The best advice I’ve ever been given

Natural & Organic Products Europe’s three theatres offer visitors an invaluable opportunity to hear expert insights, business strategies and advice from some of the biggest names in the business.

We asked a few of our 2018 speakers to share the best advice they’ve ever received — those nuggets of wisdom that helped inspire them to succeed.

 Finn Cottle Soil Association
Finn Cottle, trade consultant at Soil Association Certification:

“Keep it simple!  There is no need to over-complicate the organic message — it is good food, produced well and good for you.”

Lucy Pottinger Holland & Barrett Q&A
Lucy Pottinger, head of category for ethical beauty and aromatherapy at Holland & Barrett:

“Listen to your customers!  They are the end user and listening to them will give you the insight you need to be their chosen retailer/brand and help make a difference!”

 Christine Bailey, Advance Nutrition
Christine Bailey:

“Always stay focused on your passion, love what you do and appreciate the value of your talents, ideas and services.  Have a mindset that focuses on the opportunity and not the obstacles — this is important both personally and professionally.”

 Allard Marx, CEO, Aethic
Allard Marx, CEO of Aethic:

“Never give up.  Never give up learning.  I started this business not as a spring chicken and learn every day from people much younger than I.”

Janey Lee Grace:

“As I say to all the people I work with who are striving to have more confidence to be better ambassadors for their brand, be better public speakers et al: you don’t need to be brimming with confidence, you can ‘fake it till you make it’…if you are authentic, you can  fake it till you become it.”

Helen Wang, founder of Abakus Foods:

“The key to success: every decision follows the simple principle of doing what is right as a human being.” — Kazuo Inamori.

Michael Wale:

“Do your own thing. Believe your own beliefs. You will succeed.”

 Elizabeth Burbalich
Elizabeth Barbalich, company director & founder of Antipodes®:

“After graduating with a biology degree, I won a highly competitive position with a United States surgical corporation that pioneered the technology for laparoscopic surgery. During my eight years there I learned that innovation is key, being agile is paramount, but being educated and informative is the most powerful sales tool of all. I also learned the power of ‘best practice’ sales techniques. First impressions count, so make sure what you say and what you do is best practice.”

Ilana Taub, co-founder of Snact:

“There’s always money in the banana stand.” (People who’ve watched Arrested Development will know the reference)”

 Marie Drago
Marie Drago, founder of Gallinee:

“Never to be afraid to talk about your project or ideas. No one is going to steal them, and people will so often be eager to help.”

 Dr Julian Baggini
Julian Baggini, Philosopher, microphilosophy.com:

“Saying what needs to be said is more important than saying what you want to say or people want to hear.”

 Robert Mock
Robert Mock, founder & CEO of Oceans Halo:

“Keep perspective has most impactful during the difficult times. On a daily basis, I enjoy my father’s advice of planning your work and then working your plan… basically always have a plan to work from.”

Stephan Bisse, business development at Amarya:

“Inspiration will visit, but it has to find you busy” — a quote by Pablo Picasso

Amarjit Sahota, founder & president of Ecovia Intelligence:

“If at first you do succeed, try and hide your surprise!”

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