Q&A: Christine Bailey

Nutritionist and food & health consultant Christine Bailey calls Natural & Organic Products Europe her favourite show of the year.  She’ll be hosting an opening day session in the new-format Natural Food Talks Theatre on the key trends, foods and ingredients shaping the free from and vegan sectors.

Why is it important to grow the natural and organic industry?

More and more consumers are making the connection between how the food they put on their fork not only affects their health but also impacts the environment around them.  A successful and growing natural and organic foods industry goes hand-in-hand with promoting sustainable, positive choices that benefit the environment and our health.  We are a sick nation — if we want to turn back the tsunami of chronic disease we need people to reconnect to real food and inspire lifestyle changes that make a difference to their health and the environment.

How important is Natural & Organic Products Europe to you and the sector?

This is by far my favourite show of the year.  It brings together leading experts as well as showcasing the finest products and companies in the sector.  It provides a networking platform and opportunity to connect with the key players in the industry, as well as inspiring innovation moving forward.

What do you want visitors to take away from your session at the show?

My talk will focus on the key trends, foods and ingredients shaping the free from and vegan sectors.  Health Fads and Trends Come and Go…However health and wellness concerns combined with environmental issues continue to increase in importance with the consumer.

Rather than focusing on what you are taking out of your products focus on what’s in them.  Avoid labeling clients or products into specific categories or types of diets.  As more consumers find life stressful they are looking for a flexible and balance approach to their diet with products and ingredients that address nutritional, physical and emotional benefits.

Who or what inspires you to be even better?

My children.  I want my children to experience a healthier life and environment than we currently offer.  Working with individuals, corporates and companies, it is clear to me is that the single most revolutionary thing we can do for our health and environment is cook and cook real food.  If we eat real food and get it local when we can, organic or sustainably raised when we can, and prepare that food ourselves from scratch, everything changes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Always stay focused on your passion, love what you do and appreciate the value of your talents, ideas and services.  Have a mindset that focuses on the opportunity and not the obstacles — this is important both personally and professionally.


See Christine at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018

The Key Nutrients, Foods and Product Innovation for Vegan and Free From Sectors: 12.30am in the Natural Food Talks Theatre on Sunday 22 April.

To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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