Q&A: Adam Thompson, Rebel Kitchen

Adam Thompson, MD of Rebel Kitchen, will be sharing his insights into the future of the plant-based category and what really matters to free from consumers in the Natural Food Talks Theatre on Monday 23 April (3pm).  We caught up with him before the show to find out more…

Why is it important to grow the natural and organic industry?

Global food production is a highly complex system.  We are now seeing many extremely alarming symptoms from this system that seem to point to a core, which is fundamentally flawed.  Environmentally we are seeing extreme loss of biodiversity on the land, air and sea, pesticide and agricultural chemicals causing ecosystem toxicity, soil erosion and degradation.  And from a humanitarian perspective we are faced with exploitation of agricultural workers, declining number of farmers on the land and a lack of equal access to healthy food…the list goes on.

Most of the problems in this system stem from one essential issue: political influence, land and wealth is in the hands of a few and this can mean profit trumps compassion, health, environmental stewardship and the interconnectivity of all life on this earth is forgotten.  Supporting the organic food movement is essential to the health of our planet and ourselves.  We set the business up to be a platform that can push this agenda forward and to instigate more growth within this space.  We need more businesses, especially within the food space, to take responsibility and ownership for driving better farming practices.

How important is Natural & Organic Products Europe to you and the sector?

Very important.  As a brand that’s trying to redefine health through food business and beyond, it is a key event in the year for us to be at, talk with customers and peers alike.  It offers a window into a sector, which is increasingly at the forefront of people’s minds and a platform for brands to showcase the breadth of products that are available and/or coming to market.

What do you want visitors to take away from your session at the show?

That the plant based movement is an inclusionary one, which increasingly allows people to interact with it in a way that suits their individual lifestyle.  No longer are plant based foods in the dark corner of the store or part of the dusty shelves but they are establishing themselves as part of the everyday offering and are simultaneously shedding their stigma.  Plants provide an opportunity for more of an enriched and balanced diet, more sustainable practices and greater connectedness.

Who or what inspires you to be even better?

People that are prepared to embrace their vulnerability and fail.  The everyday hero that does things because of a passion to change things for the betterment of other.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To question the norm!  Too often we define ourselves with rigid parameters or accept what’s in front of us but change is actually the only constant.  We are constantly changing as humans given that we are 70% water, so if we release into that and apply that mentality to life we are more adaptable, we are more receptive to new information, we enjoy the journey more and we usually find more exciting opportunities along the way.


See Adam at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018

The future of plant based foods: 3pm in the Natural Food Talks Theatre on Monday 23 April.

To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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