H & H Group established in 2016.  Focusing on a unique complex called Sapindus Mukorossi oil, the parent company has been devoting to develop herbal/natural products over 25 years.

Tell us a bit about your company

With 25 years devoted to eastern herbal business, the company has cooperated with medical universities to focus on natural herbal studies since 2013. H & H Group was founded in 2015 because of great breakthroughs on sapindus mukorossi research.  And since then have introduced our findings and inventions to the public with our brand – ÂGE D’OR.

All of our products contain Sadorfons®, a unique complex extracted from natural and organic Sapindus Mukorossi oil.  Developed by our professional biomedical team, it can naturally transform your skin and scalp, and holistically rebuild a healthy foundation.

Do you have any new products that you would like to highlight before the show?

We would like to introduce our new product: Miracle Hair-Regain Treatment Set.  With the natural power of hair regrowth, ÂGE D’OR contains dual innovative ingredients, Sadorfons® and Mucinhair (an exclusive peptides modified from mucin, called Mucinhair), which have holistic effects on repairing scalp and hair roots.  Designed to help stimulate scalp regeneration, regain hair vitality and restore hair volume.  It also helps to promote the growth of dermal papilla cells (DPCs), improves the strength of the hair shaft, prevents hair loss, and speeds up hair growth. It is oestrogen and medicine free, suitable for both men and women.

Certifications include: World Quality Selections with a Gold Award, and 2017 Sustainable Beauty Award, with sustainable ingredient Sadorfons®

What are your current bestseller(s)?

Our best sellers in hair care is Miracle Hair-Regain Treatment Set as mentioned above. The best sellers in skin care are Miracle Oil Essence and Miracle Balm. With a high concentration of Sadorfons®, they can penetrate deep into the skin and form a protective film, repair dry and damaged skin, soothe itchiness, and further protect your skin by counteracting allergies to achieve a smooth and silky look.

Why was Natural & Organic Products Europe an unmissable opportunity for you?

Because Natural & Organic Products Europe brings us an opportunity to present our innovative products to Europe. We are very excited to introduce our findings of oriental natural plant powers to our future consumers, and we hope this expo will be a great platform to promote our products and meet up our future partners.

Why is Natural & Organic Products Europe an important event for the sector?

Natural & Organic Products Europe focuses only on natural and organic products. This is rarely seen in cosmetics sector and this expo can target and gather people with the same aim.

See H & H Group at the Natural Beauty & Spa show on stand C25. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.


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