In a bid to ‘help keep heritage alive’ and reduce carbon footprint, Fairfield Gardens are a UK based skincare company that uses at least 75% British ingredients in their skincare and beauty products. They’ll be making their debut at the show with a new lip balm range.

Tell us a bit about your company

Fairfield Gardens believe that skincare doesn’t have to be exotic to be effective. We are committed to using as many British ingredients as possible in all of our products. By using mostly British ingredients we can minimise beauty miles (the distance travelled by skincare/beauty products and their ingredients before they reach the consumer) and hence our carbon footprint – a very important consideration in increasingly environmentally-sensitive times.

Also Britain has a rich heritage of herbal folklore and so many wonderful skincare ingredients that are largely overlooked, so another part of our mission is to create high quality skincare products that showcase those ingredients and to help to keep that heritage alive. We started with a range of lip balms, but we’re excited to be introducing new lines later this year.

Do you have any new products that you would like to highlight before the show?

We will be adding a brand new flavour to our lip balm range as well as previewing our new facial oils and face masks that will be launching later in the year.

What are your current bestseller(s)?

Our Raspberry Rose lip balm has been extremely popular since we launched it last year and has scooped a couple of industry awards too.

Why was Natural & Organic Products Europe an unmissable opportunity for you?

It’s one of the few events that allow natural skincare brands to connect with like-minded buyers and retailers.  We’ve approached our business from a fairly unique angle; the concept of beauty miles is very much in its infancy, so it’s a great opportunity to meet with lots of different people and really get our message out.

Why is Natural & Organic Products Europe an important event for the sector?

For a natural skincare brand it is, by far, the best trade event in the sector.  It brings together a diverse range of retailers, buyers and distributors that you might not ordinarily come across, and it’s a great opportunity to see where the industry currently is and to be a part of where it’s going.

See Fairfield Gardens at the Natural Beauty & Spa show on stand A11. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.


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