Natural & Organic Products Europe is set to host the biggest showcase of natural and certified organic products the UK has ever seen at London ExCeL this weekend.  We asked a few of our 2018 speakers why the show is important to them and why it’s an unmissable event for the sector.

 Jo Chiddley
Jo Chidley, ‘flounder’ of Beauty Kitchen:

“It’s the premier show for the natural and organic sector.  And, given the current macro trends in Beauty and Food, it is also a massively influential show for the future of those mass sectors too.  So many innovations and future Superbrands will be appearing first at Natural & Organic Products Europe.”

Nick Janda Holland & Barrett Q&A
Nick Janda, head of trade plan at Holland & Barrett International

“Natural & Organic Products Europe has always been a go-to for us for the best in innovation, niche products and ingredients we’ve never seen before.  You’ll see by the sheer number of my team walking around the show that we rely on this chance to meet new brands and get a real understanding for the biggest new trends in the industry.”

 Clare McDermott, Soil Association
Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification

“It’s really important as it’s the only show that highlights the broad range of products that are available and the amazing innovation that is taking place in the sector.  This helps buyers and press see what is available and trial new ranges.”

 Tim Field, Sustainability Manager, Daylesford
 Tim Field, sustainability manager at Daylesford.

“The organic movement is most effective when we share experiences, exchange knowledge and collaborate for the greater good.  The show provides an excellent platform.”

Janey Lee Grace:

“Many of the show’s exhibitors are the pioneers in their field, some of the natural skincare and beauty brands started out as a ‘one man band’ blending creams in their kitchen, it’s so important to recognise the established brands and the newbies alike and its great that even the tiny companies have the opportunity to be seen by the leading buyers and potentially grow their brand and – if they want to, be stocked on the high street.”

Alan Martin, Food For Thought
 Alan Martin, co-owner of Food For Thought.

“It is vital.  Not just for the networking and seeing the latest trends but for what is happening now.  Despite political uncertainty with Brexit or with past EU directives aimed at regulating our industry, we have seen a continued growth in product development and innovation.  It is important to support the show in order that there remains a strong respected and authoritative voice for our industry.”

 Dr Marilyn Glenville
Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

“Natural & Organic Products Europe is the most important and respected European B2B event in our industry calendar. It provides the opportunity for all exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations and for all visitors to remain up-to-date with the latest advances across our industry.”

 Birthe Linddal
Birthe Linddal, futurologist

“It’s always important to let people come together and discuss how to make a better world — how to create new and better solutions. Inspiration is good.”

 Anna Brightman Optiat
Anna Brightman, co-founder of Optiat

“It’s very important to us. We have exhibited in Malmo and London on multiple occasions and it has been a great success for us.  Not only is it fantastic to be able to see what else is out there, it also helps us to make new business connections that help us to grow our brand.”

 Patrick Holford
Patrick Holford

“It gives such a good perspective on changing and developing trends and new natural remedies to become aware of.  I always make new friends and develop new business and education opportunities.”

 Esther Mills-Roberts
Esther Mills-Roberts, nutritional biochemist and registered nutritionist

“It is an opportunity to experience the best that our industry has to offer, is a forum for innovation and progression, not just in new product development and technologies but in training and education too.”

Sanjay Patel, owner of Well Natural
Sanjay Patel, owner of Well Natural

“The show plays a significant role, as it allows suppliers to show their wares and stores etc to source new and innovating products relevant to our industry.”

 Henrietta Norton, Wild Nutrition
Henrietta Norton, co-founder and technical director at Wild Nutrition

“It is an excellent platform for education, growing awareness, as well as creating and feeling part of a “community” of brands who’s intention is to bring wellness to as many people as possible.

Jacek Kramarz, co-founder of HemPoland

“Hemp foods and supplements have been forgotten for the past decades.  Natural & Organic Products Europe — one of biggest events in the food industry, may play a key role in its rejuvenation.  Hemp is back and there is no better place to push that message than Natural & Organic Products Europe.”

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