Pure Line

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Zenz Organic Products

Zenz Organic Products is a Nordic company created by an eco-conscious hairdressing chain who works for a better working environment for hairdressers and health of consumers worldwide. Find out more about the brand ahead of the show. Tell us about your company The philosophy behind Zenz Organic Products is to create the best and healthiest […]

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Finn Cottle Soil Association

Q&A: Finn Cottle, Soil Association Certification

Next up is Finn Cottle, trade consultant at Soil Association Certification.  As in previous years, she’ll be appearing in an exclusive Soil Association session (alongside Clare McDermott) sharing insights on market trends and opportunities – including the latest consumer research and a comprehensive trade overview of the 2018 Organic Market Report. (more…)

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Turmeric Serum

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Maroma

Our next Q&A features Maroma, a natural beauty brand based in India. At the show, they’ll be promoting new Turmeric and Moringa serums, along with a natural incense collection. Find out more in this exclusive Q&A. Tell us a bit about your company It all began in 1977 with Encens d’Auroville, a single line of […]

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FRUU lip balm

Meet the beauty brand: FRUU Cosmetics

Next up is FRUU Cosmetics, a company that turns fruit waste into fruity, natural, and sustainable beauty products. Find out more in this exclusive Q&A. Tell us a bit about your company We are an indie cosmetic company who specialise in creating affordable and sustainable cosmetics, by turning fruit waste/byproducts into beauty products.  Whilst there is an increasing […]

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Soap Folk Wrapped Soap Collection

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Soap Folk

Our next Q&A is with Soap Folk, a Cotswold’s based brand offering a growing selection of natural and organic handmade soaps and skincare products. Find out what new products they’ll be presenting on the Soil Association pavilion at the Natural Beauty & Spa Show 2018. Tell us a bit about your company? Proud of both […]

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1608 Yoni Full Product Range

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Yoni

Ethical feminine hygiene brand Yoni are exhibiting for the first time at the show. Find out more about what they do here: Tell us a bit about your company Yoni is an organic fem care brand. We believe all women have the right to know what their tampons, pads and panty liners are made from. […]

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Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Homeopathic Skincare

Our next Q&A features Homeopathic Skincare, based in Latvia. A brand providing natural and efficient skincare with a holistic impact on the skin and the whole body from inside and outside. Tell us a bit about your company Homeopathic Skincare™ mission is to serve the needs of most demanding clients which are looking for natural […]

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Q&A: Lisa Sinclair, Holland & Barrett International

As Holland & Barrett’s head of category for vitamins & supplements, Lisa Sinclair calls the show a great “chance to meet some of the best innovators in the industry”.  She’s back judging this year’s Innovation Pitch LIVE, alongside the company’s CEO Peter Aldis.  Arrive early — this session promises to be standing room only! (more…)

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Q&A: Nick Janda, Holland & Barrett International

For Nick Janda, head of trade plan at Holland & Barrett International, Natural & Organic Products Europe “has always been a go-to for us for the best in innovation, niche products and ingredients we’ve never seen before”.  We caught up with him before the show to find out more … (more…)

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Q&A: Allard Marx, Aethic

Next up in our Q&A series is Allard Marx.  He’s CEO of London-based skincare company Aethic, which launched Sôvée ecocompatible sunscreen — the first and only sunscreen to be certified Marine Positive. (more…)

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Harmony-Assorted-Display - resized

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Harmony’s Ear Candles

Our next Q&A features Harmony’s Ear Candles, who are promoting their certified organic ear candles at the show for the first time. Tell us a bit about your company Harmony’s Ear Candles is the only Certified Organic Ear Candle in the world. Through years of research Dr. Harmony has created the safest and most efficient ear […]

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Bio Extracts

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Bio-Extracts

BIO-EXTRACTS offers a personalised method of taking care of skin through the marriage of nature and science. The new brand is founded by Marina NuBo (Shcherbinina), the owner of the luxury cosmeceutical brand NuBo* and her daughter, Irina Fedotova, a B.Sc. graduate from the division of Biosciences at UCL. Tell us a bit about your company […]

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All Naural Cosmetics 3

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: All Natural Cosmetics

Next up in our meet the beauty brand Q&A series is All Natural Cosmetics, who specialise in natural cold pressed soaps.  As well as exhibiting for the first time at the show, they are launching a new luxury body oil range. Tell us a bit about the company At All Naturals we understand that bath […]

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Charlie Locks

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: Charlie Locks

Founded by Julie Raines, an ITEC qualified professional with over 37 years’ experience as a facial therapist, Charlie locks is a professional skincare company based in the UK. Find out more about what they are bringing to the show later this month.  Tell us a bit about your company Our Charlie Locks Professional Skincare System™ […]

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Q&A: Jo Chidley, Beauty Kitchen

Jo Chidley is the ‘Flounder’ of Beauty Kitchen.  A chemist, herbal botanist, beekeeper and natural beauty products lover, she is committed that Beauty Kitchen makes a difference — from ensuring all ingredients are effective and sustainable, using pre-cycled packaging and committing 2% of sales to charitable causes. (more…)

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Q&A: Amarjit Sahota, Ecovia Intelligence

Amarjit Sahota, is founder & president of Ecovia Intelligence, a London-based research firm that specialises on global sustainable product industries.  He’ll be discussing the ‘growing kaleidoscope of ethical labels’ now being used by the beauty industry, and sharing his thoughts on the trends ahead. (more…)

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coconut-rosehip-calming-cream_7993-vivid - resized

Meet the beauty brand Q&A: White Rabbit Skincare

Our next meet the beauty brand Q&A features White Rabbit Skincare, a luxury, eco-friendly and award-winning skincare brand based in the UK. Tell us a bit about your company White Rabbit Skincare addresses the need for high performance, but with naturally based skincare products. Our entire range of products are carefully hand crafted in small batches to […]

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