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Rupy Aujla

The Doctor's Kitchen

For years I’ve been passionate about healthy living, eating, nutrition and great tasting food. I’m really fortunate to have helped patients, family and friends reach their healthier lifestyle goals. I’ve been asked countless times to organise some sort of website to reach out to more people about healthy eating. So, I’ve created an Instagram account, YouTube channel and this blog. My aim is to inspire everyone to look at their diet, use more nutritional ingredients to lead happier healthier lives… plus I’m one of those annoying people that loves taking pictures of food.

I create recipes using ingredients with potential health benefits. I read the literature, I attend the conferences around the world on nutrition and try to give you an unbiased educated opinion on what the benefits of food can be. No fads, no myths, just eating the right balance of real food is the key to living a healthy life.





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