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Oliver McCabe

Nutritionist, author, food writer, retailer Select Stores of Dalkey Ireland & Ambassador of Irish Association of Health Stores

Oliver McCabe Whole Food Chef The Fuel Food Cookbook Viridian UK

Oliver has been interested in food from an early age; firstly he didn’t respect food as he turned to it as a coping mechanism when unfortunately his Dad died suddenly when he was 4 years old. He became overweight and his Mum became worried. She got him into the kitchen to do his homework and help her make the dinner. Overtime he became to respect food as he had gained more knowledge and awareness on how food is prepared and he became passionate about it leading to a natural weight loss.

Oliver’s love for nutrition started on his travels to Australia and the USA where he worked in various organic, vegetarian cafes and stores picking up ideas along the way especially in Sydney, Cape Cod, Boston, New York and San Francisco.

He returned to Ireland in 2001 where through this experience he became aware of his own food sensitivities and the power of healing foods.

In 2004, Oliver reinvented his parents Select Stores Dalkey established 1959. from traditional family greengrocer to an independent dynamic healthy organic wholefood store with award winning natural juice bar. In 2007 he graduated from The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health where he was trained by Ireland’s top nutritional therapist Richard Burton.

Throughout the years Oliver has given healthy eating talks and demos in schools, college plus corporate health & food events. He has guest edited Easy Health & Easy Food magazines and is involved with the student mental health Spunout organisation.

Oliver speaks about how important healthy eating is in this day and age and makes people aware of what is in food and drink today. His talks and cookery demo’s stretch from balancing emotional eating to how to control the cravings and the urges with communication, motivation, nutrition and loving exercise.

In January 2016 Oliver’s Cookbook ‘The Fuel Food Cookbook’ released nationwide.

Oliver’s aim was to encapsulate wholefoods into a cookbook simply and effectively for everyone to use and cook. So fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, local cuts of meat and fish. It’s also the first cookbook from an independent health food store creating the priceless ambiance and vibe. It’s very much ear to the ground with recipes tried and tested from Oliver, his family, bakers and customers since 1959. It’s also the first cookbook to have the 14 known allergens e.g. gluten to adhere to health and safety regulations in the hospitality sector mentioned throughout each recipe so it makes every recipe reliable, honest and dependable. There are also symbols to let you know if a recipe is vegan, vegetarian or refined sugar free. This is where it has gained a lot of positive feedback from the general public and will be distributed in the UK from Jan 2017 by Viridian Nutrition.

Oliver’s regular customers include Patrick Holford, Bono, Ryan Tubridy, Josh Hartnett, Robert Fisk and Woody Harrelson, proving that his food has been tried, tested and guaranteed to please people from all backgrounds.

Fuel Food is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know exactly what they should be eating for good health and weight management. The recipes tick all the boxes: some are vegan, vegetarian, sugar free, all are high in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Seven of the 256 pages are dedicated to setting out the cornerstones of good nutrition ensuring that all the food-combining recipes support the body with brain function, energy production and optimum nutrition, to help keep you focused and fuelled all day long.

Foodies will enjoy and have fun with Fuel Food and their bodies will thank them for it.  In the foreword renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford says; “I spend a lot of time travelling around the world teaching the principles of optimum nutrition. But truth be told, there aren’t very many places where you can actually eat the foods, prepared in a tasty way, that keep you healthy. One of my favourites is Oliver’s Select Stores Fuel Food store and café. It feels like home to me and my stomach, and I always make a detour when I’m in Ireland to have breakfast or lunch, or to stock up with on-the-road supplies. So when I heard that Oliver had written a cookbook giving away his secrets of how to turn the theory into practice with mouth-watering recipes for foods and drinks, I wanted a copy.”

Select Stores has been awarded ‘Best Wholefood Shop’ by Bridgestone and Sally & John McKenna’s’ Guides, and is included in The Irish Times’ Top 10 Best Shops in Ireland 2015/2016 and LovinDublin.com’s Top 10 healthiest cafes/delis in Dublin.

  • Oliver’s motto is ‘Every healthy customer has a wealthy soul’.

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