Cashew milk yoghurt, purple tea, pure grain breads, turmeric lattes, goat’s kefir, high-protein noodles, sunshine soup, and matcha tea butter – are just some of the new product launches on offer at next month’s Natural Food Show, taking place on 2-3 April at London ExCeL.

Part of Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show, which attracts over 10,000 attendees annually, the Natural Food Show is a vibrant showcase of the best (and biggest) choice of natural and certified organic food and drink from around the world.  Many of the 400+ companies confirmed for 2017 won’t be exhibiting at any other event in the UK this year – making it a ‘must attend’ for buyers and retailers to discover innovative new ideas and emerging trends that they won’t see – or sample – anywhere else.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Cofresh Snack Foods (stand T47, Vegan World) is launching its first certified organic range of Eat Real lentil chips, hummus chips and veggie straws.  The hummus and lentil contain no added sugars, all are gluten free, vegan and free of all the declarable allergens (UK).

Marigold Health Foods (stand N31) is unveiling its Instant Sunshine Soups with vitamin D (in 4 packs).  The soups, available in Minestrone and Mushroom, have no GMO ingredients, no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, and no MSG (UK).

Pure Diet Organic (stand V29, Vegan World) is previewing its Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  The coconut oil is extracted from fresh organic coconuts, which are cold-pressed and unrefined to preserve both nutrients and a full-bodied taste and aroma.  Coconut oil can withstand heat, making it a great option for frying, roasting, and baking (UK).

Clearspring (stand H13, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is launching its Organic 100% Buckwheat Pasta, made from naturally gluten free 100% buckwheat flour.  This nutty flavoured tortiglioni has a firm texture and holds its shape during cooking.  Ready in 8 minutes, it provides a source of protein and fibre (UK).

Skoulikas Bedford/TA Sunita (stand K21, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is launching its new Tahini with beta-glucan at the show.  Produced using their light tahini with added oat beta-glucan (a soluble fibre), can help to prevent excess cholesterol being absorbed into the body (UK).

Naturya (stand H35) is adding three nutritious, organic ingredients to its range – Bee Pollen, Goldenberries and Mulberries.  They are ideal for sprinkling on cereal or yoghurt, and giving a twist to home baking.  Gathered sustainably from wildflower pastures, Naturya’s Organic Bee Pollen provides a natural source of protein and vitamins.  Or for a nutritious pick-me-up, mix the caramel-sweetness of Organic Mulberries with zingy Organic Goldenberries (UK).

Tazaki Foods (stand P44) is introducing a new range of high-protein, organic soybean noodles, created by British Taiwanese food writer and TV chef Ching-He Huang.  Ching’s Gluten Free & Organic Soybean Noodles (200g box) and Ching’s Gluten Free & Organic Edamame Soybean Noodles (200g box) contain 44-45g protein per 100g serving.  Both are free from additives, low in sodium and high in fibre (UK).

Gusto Organic (stand T1) is launching a 275ml glass variant of its Gusto Cola.  Produced in the UK, it’s made with spring water, organic essential oils, cola nut and organic agave.   This new Gusto Cola delivers a premium craft cola with 20% fewer calories than regular cola (UK).

Pukka Herbs (stand J50) is launching Wholistic Ashwagandha at the show.  Ashwagandha is a prized Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb, which rejuvenates the body by moderating the stress response.  Pukka’s Wholistic Ashwagandha uses a unique extraction process to retain 45+ active phytonutrients, and has been shown to improve sleep quality by 69%.  Also showcasing: Pukka Organic Wonder Berry Green, a super fruity organic green tea (UK).

Co.ind (stand Q30, Italian pavilion) is introducing Meseta, a range of 100% Arabica organic ground coffees.  Sourced from growers in Latin America, their strict organic methods produces a coffee full of bright clean notes of fresh flowers balanced by a subtle note of toasted bread (Italy).

One Earth Organics (stand J12, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is unveiling its new superfood blends, which only uses ethical and sustainable ingredients – supporting organisations working with rural farmers and harvesters (such as B’Ayoba in Zimbabwe).  Four blends are aimed at adults – Rejuvenate Your Soul, Shine Bright, Green Goodness and Coco Go Go, while two, Chocolate Dream and Vanilla Zilla, have been designed for the whole family, with flavours specifically chosen with children in mind (UK).

Mindfuel (stand P37) is launching its Whole Food Soup in Indian Curry flavour.  Containing 15g of protein, it’s a mindfully crafted Indian curry soup, which brings together spicy, salty, tangy, and sweet tastes through coconut, turmeric and chilli.  Packed with whole foods and plant protein, it’s also wheat-free (Germany).

Tropicsoul’s (stand P75) award winning product line is expanding with a new Guavalicious range.  Filled with tropical super fruits, the range includes: Pineapple Punta Cuna, Mango & The Beets, Mango Caliente, Mango Kaleada; and Banana Colada.  They are 100% natural, with no sugar or additives (Dominican Republic).

Made by Noble (stand R53) is introducing five nutrient rich, all natural cocoa blends.  Full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and vegan plant proteins, the range includes: Golden, Roasted, Upbeet, Wild Green and Himalayan Salted Cacao – all ready to add to hot milk or mylk (UK).

ZenPasta (stand Q30K, Italian pavilion) is launching its Penne pasta, made with organic wheat and glucomannan (a cholesterol-reducing fibre).  It’s an Italian pasta with the same taste and texture as traditional wheat pasta, but 40% less calories, 50% less carbs and five times more fibre.  Ideal for weight-loss diets and lighter, healthier meals in general (Malta).

UHTCO Corporation (stand S63) is introducing Yacon Chocolate Drops (50% Raw Criollo Cacao and 50% Yacon Powder).  Made with Yacon root (prebiotic, low GI) and the nutritional value of Criollo Cacao – it contains no sugar, no dairy and doesn’t influence blood sugar levels (Austria/Peru).

Turmerlicious (stand R21) is launching its new, caffeine free, instant hot drink made from a blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, coconut milk and coconut sugar.  One serving contains the recommended daily dose of turmeric.  They are free from dairy, caffeine and gluten, and contain no artificial preservatives, flavours, or refined sugar.  The four blends include: vanilla, ginger, chocolate, and chilli choc (UK).

Nush Foods (stand P32) is introducing its Organic Cashew Milk Yoghurt.  It is free from dairy, soya, sugar, gluten and available in three flavours: natural, vanilla and strawberry.  Also showcasing: Almond Milk Yoghurt made using Sicilian Avola almonds, 20% pure almond milk, and vegan cultures, in four flavours (UK).

Bravura Foods (stand S30, Vegan World) is unveiling a host of new food and drink launches including: Free From Fellows vegan and sugar free gummy bears, cola bottles, and midget gems; Captain Kombucha fermented and organic probiotic health drinks; MaxSport vegan friendly, gluten free Paleo Protein bars; and Vegan Bakery dairy free biscuits (UK).

Essential Trading Cooperative (stand M23) is promoting its Organic Young Jackfruit, a new unprocessed, and nutritious, vegan meat alternative.  Full of vitamins and minerals, the fibrous savoury fruit chunks absorb flavours and mimic the texture of meat – especially pulled pork (UK).

Puresweet erythritol (stand R41) is a new brand offering a natural sweetener that has no calories and no GI.  With no bitter aftertaste, this sweetener has been used for many years in Japan, and is very popular in the USA (UK).

Happy Butter (stand V63) is launching its Organic Golden Turmeric Ghee, made with 1g fresh turmeric root per 10g of organic ghee.  The only such retail product currently available globally, it is hand churned in Devon in small batches from organic Westcountry Butter.  It can be used in everyday cooking, and as an Ayurvedic preparation, plus also in dairy/non-dairy milk to make ‘Golden Milk’ (UK).

Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream (stand T45, Vegan World) is introducing its raw vegan ‘ice dreams’.  These organic, vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free ice creams come in five flavours, including: Happy Strawberries and Dream; Lemon Cheesecake Joy; Chocolate Love Energy; Cinnamon and Cardamon Spice Delight; and Crème Caramel Coconut Bliss (sweetened with coconut blossom nectar).  It is produced sustainably, and the packaging is biodegradable (Sweden).

Perkier Foods (stand P5) is introducing its Peanut Quinoa bar, which combines air-roasted peanuts, peanut butter and quinoa puffs for a crunchy texture.  It’s high in fibre, rich in antioxidant vitamin E, and contains 6g of protein, which helps with a slow release of energy.  It’s also free-from gluten, dairy and palm oil, and is suitable for vegans (UK).

SAF Raw (stand M41) is launching its Impulse Buy range, which includes: protein bites, pudding bites, and raw chocolate trail mixes.  Also showcasing: Coconut Chips Grocery range, which includes activated crackers, activated nuts, nutty nori sandwiches, fruity coconut pastilles, and cereal bites (UK).

NUA Naturals (stand K53) is showcasing a new range of three Turmeric Lattes, which are available in three flavours:  The Original, Ginger & Spice, and Cacao.  This traditional Ayurvedic drink is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and instant, and just requires hot water (Ireland).

TEFCO (stand U6) is launching its latest additions to the Better Than Oat range.  Cereal Buddy can be added to rice cereal to help increase its nutritional value by 200%, and helps to lower GI.  Beta Gold is a 100% wholegrain functional food that helps to lower cholesterol in the blood (USA).

Eat Wholesome (stand P41) is launching its fermented Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut & Carrot, and fermented Beetroot. Their handcrafted, organic, raw fermented vegetables are live, unpasteurised and rich in probiotics, with a hint of bay leaf, pepper and garlic (UK).

Heath & Heather (stand H9) is sampling its new range of Organic Super Teas, which blend herbs and botanicals, specifically chosen for their functional benefits to support a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Its new green tea flavour combinations incorporate on-trend flavours, such as avocado, seaweed and aloe vera (UK).

Ogilvy’s Honey (stand M22, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is unveiling its Raw Australian Jarrah Honey.  Jarrah is known for its natural medicinal healing properties, and has high levels of antimicrobial activity.  Measured by Total Activity, the numerical rating indicates the strength of the antibacterial potency.  Jarrah can also be used to treat wounds, burns, bacterial and yeast infections (UK).

Green Vie Foods – Vegan Products (stand T34, Vegan World) is introducing its dairy free vegan cheeses and vegan delights.   Inspired by the plant powered diet, GreenVie Foods has created a range of products, which are healthy, sustainable and planet friendly.  They are free from dairy, lactose, soya, gluten, nuts, and palm oil.  Also showcasing: vegan antipasti (Cyprus).

Global By Nature (stand E53) is launching Sunwarrior Sol Good Bars, which contain 17-19g of plant-based protein per bar.  Flavours include: Blueberry Blast, Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Roll, and Coconut Cashew (UK).

RJK Distributors (stand V8) is introducing Matcha NOW.  Matcha is separated in the cap, and only released when the seal is broken.  Unlike some pre-mixed drinks, its new technology preserves Matcha’s purity and potency, fully retaining its health benefits (UK).

Pulsin (stand L46) is unveiling its Peanut Choc Chip’s new packaging, which has been re-branded for 2017, along with the rest of the Pulsin range (UK).

Easy Bean (stand V17) is launching its Seaweed & Sesame Chickpea Crispbread.  Handmade using naturally gluten-free chickpea flour and locally-sourced butter and buttermilk, it is seasoned with a nutritious blend of mineral rich native seaweed topped with toasted sesame seeds.  Also showcasing: new Cheddar Crunch, made using West Country Cheddar (UK).

Githiga Lennermark AB (stand U21, Vegan World) is launching its Purple tea, a rare and unique tea variety that is specific to the Mt. Kenya region of Kenya.  It was found to be the healthiest alternative to regular tea, even surpassing green tea in antioxidant composition.  Purple Tea undergoes low processing retaining high levels of anthocyanins (Sweden).

InSpiral Visionary Products (stand L38) is showcasing its Savoy Cabbage, Cavolo Nero (Black Kale) and new Curly Kale Crisps in a box.  They are air-dried below 48C to keep their nutritional potency (UK).

Gryö (stand V55) is showcasing its recently launched natural fruit and nut gryö bars, made with cricket flour or hemp.  Organic and gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, flavours include: Pistachio Dark chocolate, Ginger Fig and Apricot Thyme (France).

Halo Coco (stand T33) is promoting its unique blend of coconut milk based fruit drinks (pineapple and vanilla).  Each 330ml carton is dairy-free, lactose-free, wheat-free and only 106 kcal (UK).

BioNaturae (stand T52), distributed by Sacla’, is showcasing a new range of organic vegan foods based on Mopur, an ingredient made with naturally-fermented organic wheat, chickpeas and olive oil.  Their range of pure plant protein foods includes: deli slices, burgers, filled pasta and pasta sauce (UK).

Eat Grub (stand V13) is a new addition to the on-the-go snack market, with a difference.  Its special ingredient is cricket powder, which is high in protein, iron and calcium, and contains all nine essential amino acids.  It’s also highly sustainable, using a fraction of feed, water and land than other protein sources.  The 36g bars are available in Cranberry and Orange, and Coconut and Cacao (UK).

Vegus Foods (stand U35, Vegan World) is showcasing its Wheatgrass Juice and unique Broccoli Sprout Juice, made on its farm in Ireland.  Ambient, with a long shelf life, they are available in handy 30ml single serving tubes.  Also showcasing: Beetroot Juice with wheatgrass juice, and Beetroot Juice with broccoli sprout juice (Ireland).

Wholesale Health (stand G33) is promoting its Really Healthy Pasta.  It’s made from only one ingredient (apart from buckwheat and golden flaxseed), with no added nasties.  This organic, gluten free, low GI, high iron, protein and fibre pasta is available in Red Lentil, Black Bean, Mung Bean, Chickpea, Buckwheat & Golden Flaxseed, and penne/fusilli (UK).

Grenera (stand V3) is showcasing its moringa range, made in its own moringa plantation located in the Western Ghats region of south India.  The range includes: moringa tea infusions, raw moringa, and moringa +C powder.  Moringa is considered a nutrient rich plant that contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants (India).

Shine (stand M15) is a specially-formulated blend of pure plant based superfoods designed to aid the normal functioning of the immune system.  It combines Amaranth, Reishi, Turmeric, Camu Camu, Cinnamon and Bee Pollen and Black Pepper (Portugal).

Sun Park (stand N53E, Greek pavilion) is showcasing Uber Foods’ newly launched Goji Berry Jam.  Their certified organic goji, chokeberries, strawberries and lemons are sourced directly from their own farms in Greece.  Products include fresh, dried products and jam (Greece).

Concepts for Health (stand U40, Vegan World) is a new company, which has developed a 100% plant-based flax drink.  It contains 1.200 mg Omega 3 per glass (The Netherlands).

Kinomi Nuts (stand S6) is showcasing its organic range of premium nuts.  Flavoured with their signature gluten free soy glaze and sprinkled with experimental herbs, products include: Pika Pika Pecans, Waku Waku Cashews, and Pori Pori Almonds (UK).

granoVita UK (stand R31) is showcasing its new Drink Bouillons, available in a variety of three unique flavours: Hot Ginger, Rockin Veggie and Hot Curry.  The bouillons are organic and palm oil free, and have the added superfood benefits of ginger, turmeric and pumpkin (UK).

CRIVU’ in your kitchen (stand Q30G, Italian pavilion) is showcasing a selection of typical Italian food, including: certified organic pasta, tomato purée, extra virgin olive oil, giardiniera, wine, honey, pulses and cereals from raw materials of 100% Italian origin (Italy).

GetBuzzing (stand U75) is promoting its nut and gluten free High Protein Mint Chocolate Bar.  Made using gluten free oats and chocolate chunks, this bar is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and boasts a low GI (UK).

Pakka AG (stand U37, Vegan World) is exhibiting its premium organic cashew, covered with equiori chocolate – the finest Colombian organic chocolate, which is made from selected native cacao varieties.  The product is produced and packaged in Colombia, and the cashews and cacao are harvested by small farmer co-operatives (Switzerland).

Geobar (stand L32) is introducing its organic fruit and nut, raw wholefood bar.  It is cold pressed with Demeter quality dates grown in the Hazoua Oasis in Tunisia, and made with fair trade ingredients to create a vegan bar with crunchy cocoa nibs and a hint of beetroot (UK).

The Nut Roastery’s (stand V75) nut butters are versatile alternatives to dairy butters or sugary spreads.  Flavours include: Expresso & Vanilla; Italian Spice; Matcha Green Tea; and Mango & Turmeric.  Packed with nutrients, they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans (UK).

Nomads Stuffed Dates (stand P2) provide a natural source of energy, are 100% gluten free, high in fibre and low in GI.  The range is available in Superfood Almond and Chia, or Blueberry and Acai stuffed Dates (UK).

Gregory’s Tree (stand K41) is unveiling its organic, gluten free Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists.  Each snack bar is just 60 calories, and made from pure fruit, which is gently heated, pulped and twisted to form nutritious snacks.  (UK).

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water (stand M40) is launching at the show.  Its organic labelled coconut water products are juiced from Thailand’s famous Nakorn Pathom region, where the nam-hom coconuts grow.  Available in: Pure, Pulp and Cacao (Germany).

Dr Körner (stand T51) is launching its caramel rice cakes.  Combining eco-friendly raw grains with state of the art technology, it is made with 100% of the natural whole grain intact.  It’s also high in fibre and free from gluten, yeast, preservatives, flavour enhancers, or artificial colourants (Russia).

Loving Earth (stand S21) is launching a new range of 45g raw organic chocolate bars, made using only wholefood, vegan, organic and minimally processed ingredients.  Flavours include: Turkishly Delightful, Very Buck ‘N Berry, Coffee Ka-pow, Banoffee Bang Bang and Salted Caramel Swayzee (UK).

Rebel Kitchen’s (stand T23) coconut water is pure, pink and straight from the tree.  Rebel Kitchen use organic, young green coconuts, which are sustainably sourced from local farmers in the Philippines. The range has recently been extended to include a 750ml serve (UK).

DJM Food Solutions (stand N33) is unveiling the Floating Leaf brand, a family business committed to producing the industry’s highest quality wild rice and multi grain products.  Floating Leaf products are all-natural, gluten free, non-GMO verified, kosher, and vegan.  Put together by professional chefs, one 40g portion is a protein for the day (UK).

Omnivita (stand K23, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion), the sole UK supplier of Bragg health foods, is showcasing Bragg’s new Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Blend (473ml).  Raw and unfiltered, it contains the ‘mother’ of vinegar, and Nature’s Organic honey (UK).

Booja Booja (stand L24, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is promoting its range of award-winning dairy free ice-creams.  Its wholesome recipes contain a handful of carefully sourced organic ingredients.  Flavours include: Caramel Pecan Praline, Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate Salted Caramel (UK).

Muria Honey (stand V64) is promoting organic Mediterranean honey from its new pleasure and well-being range.  Enriched with vitamin C, the range includes: honey with black garlic, cocoa nibs, vanilla, royal jelly, ginger, turmeric, saffron, cinnamon, pollen or propolis (Spain)

Alce Nero (stand P23) is exhibiting its new Italian rice and corn biscuits with chocolate chips.  Made with just seven ingredients, they are organic, gluten free and palm oil free, without thickeners and aromas (Italy).

Feinstoff Vertriebs (stand S35, Vegan World) is exhibiting its Feinstoff superfood smoothie bowls. They are full of premium superfoods, crunchy pops, fruit pieces, and grain flakes, and are vegan and gluten free.  Available in four flavours: Acai Berry Bowl, Magic Berry Bowl, Protein Bowl and Cacao Mint Bowl (Austria).

Raw&Wild (stand U33, Vegan World) is showcasing its pre-sprouted and dehydrated pili nuts, preserved with vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients.  The activation process breaks down complex starch and neutralises the phytic acid found in all nuts and seeds (UK).

Alara Wholefoods (stand K13, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is promoting Lucy Rocks’ new breakfast cookies, marking its expansion into on-the-go convenience foods.  The all-natural, organic, vegan and gluten free cookie range features three flavours: Cacao & Cashew, Fruity, and Hazelnut. These cookies are made with the intention of providing a nutritious and healthy breakfast or snack (UK).

JEAM Super Mixes (stand L16, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is showcasing its JEAM Super Bread Mixes.  The range of nutrient rich organic bread mixes fuels an active and health conscious lifestyle.  Flavours include: Matcha, Bee Pollen, Turmeric and Reishi Mushroom (UK).

BodyMe (stand P53) is promoting its Organic Vegan Protein Bars.  They are certified organic, Vegan Society registered and are available in Cacao Orange, and Chia Vanilla (UK).

Gusto Nero (stand V34, Vegan World) is showcasing its Black Jasmine Rice Pasta, made from 100% organic rice and nothing else.  It’s suitable for all kinds of dietary intolerances and those who want to look out for their health.  Available in: Penne, Macaroni, Fusilli, Spaghetti, and Linguine (UK)

Oskri (stand M63, USA pavilion) is promoting its Organic Sunflower butter, which is made with 100% pure organic sunflower seeds.  It contains no additives or preservatives, and is gluten-free and sugar free (USA).

Go Faster Food’s (stand R43) energy balls are tailored by Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, to release the right amount of energy at the right time.  These gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free energy balls are made with 100% natural ingredients and are available in three varieties: Boost, made with date and coconut; Refuel, made with apricot and seeds; and Recover, made with hazelnut and chocolate (UK).

Snact’s (stand S62) surplus-sourced fruit snacks are now available in compostable packaging.  The e-film is suitable for home composters and behaves similarly to orange peel, decomposing within six months (UK).

Honeyrose Bakery / Kent and Fraser (stand Q50) is the oldest organic bakery in London and was founded by Lise Madsen, who still runs the company today.  Its new range is dedicated to organic and gluten free, and contains seven products spilt between four sweet cookies and three vegan savoury toasts (UK).

Pep & Lekker (stand S42, Vegan World) is a new vegan brand selling all natural, gluten free soup (350g serving, with 30g hand-baked nutty seed bites).  The three soup flavours include Gleaming Gold, Ravishing Red, and Gorgeous Green, plus Beautiful Broth, which supports natural detoxification.  The soups are sold frozen and chilled. (UK).

Evoo Zeet (stand N40) is showcasing its Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  Products include: extra virgin olive oil intense, extra virgin olive oil delicate vs intense, extra virgin olive oil medium, and extra virgin olive oil mild (UK).

Dash Organics (stand K22, Soil Association & Organic Trade Board pavilion) is promoting its Coco Splash Organic coconut water, which is free from added sugar and contains natural electrolytes.  It’s Soil Association certified, as well as being recommended and certified by both the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society (UK).

Adonis Smart Foods (stand R35) is showcasing its Low Sugar Pecan Bar.  This goji berry and cocoa snack bar has 2g of naturally occurring sugar, and contains no refined or fruit sugar.  It’s 100% natural, low carb, vegan, gluten free and paleo (UK).

Natural Balance Foods (stand N5) is showcasing TREK Chunks, a high-protein snack made with fruit, nuts, oat and crunch chunks.  Each 60g pack of gluten, wheat and dairy free TREK Chunks contains 12g of protein and are made from natural ingredients (with no added sugar) that help sustain energy.  Flavours include: Toffee Triumph, Cocoa Peanut Peak, and Cranberry Kick.  Also showcasing: Nakd Posh Bits 130g snack pouches, available in Cocoa Mandarin, Cocoa Sea Salt and Cocoa Raspberry (UK).

The Good Crisp Company (stand M33) has developed a new natural alternative to the popular Pringles canister crisp.  Available in Original, Sour Cream & onion, and BBQ (160g), they are certified gluten-free, GMO free, with no artificial flavours or colours (Australia).

AllFair Trade (stand S28) is showcasing its Fairtrade and organic coconut oil, which is available in 200ml, 450ml, and one litre jars (Germany).

Almighty Foods (stand V6) is showcasing Cashew Caramello, a caramel like spread made entirely of botanical wholefoods, such as cashew, coconut (flesh and sap), vanilla pods and Sicilian lemons.  It’s processed using traditional artisanal techniques that help preserve the vital goodness within the ingredients used, as well as being certified organic, raw, naturally vegan and made in Scotland (UK).

Beendhi (stand L35) is promoting its Red Lentils Dal with Coconut.  Made with coconut, turmeric, cumin and curry leaves, this Pondicherry recipe is an ideal vegetarian meal, and can easily be made by adding water and then simmering for 15 minutes (France).

FlapJacked UK (stand S61) is showcasing FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, which are certified gluten free, high fibre, and pack 20g of protein.  Also showcasing: FlapJacked Pancake and Baking Mixes, which are re-fortified with whey protein isolate and pea protein, and contains 220-240 calories per serving (UK).

Coconut Miracle (stand Q73) is exhibiting its Organic Raw Coconut Aminos – the healthier alternative to Soy Sauce.   This soy and gluten free sauce contains coconut, 17 amino acids, is low GI, and packed with minerals, and vitamins C and B (Sri Lanka).

Pure Nature (stand U34, Vegan World) is showcasing The Heart of Nature range of 100% natural Pure Grain bread, baked without flour or yeast.  It’s available in original (full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds), and with the addition of cranberries, prunes or black cumin.  It is wheat free and low in gluten (UK).

MadeGood Foods (stand T55) is promoting its MadeGood Granola Minis.  These are free from eight of the most common allergens, and contain the nutrients of one serving of vegetables without affecting the taste. They are organic, gluten free, and vegan (The Netherlands).

Mimacha (stand V79) is promoting its Goat’s Kefir for the UK market.  It has a smooth texture and a mild flavour, made solely from fresh Goat’s milk, which is sourced directly from small, sustainable and technologically advanced farms in Cyprus (Cyprus).

PlanetHemp’s (stand R4) Hemp Super bars is a new range of healthy snacks, which combine only natural, organic ingredients to deliver nutritional benefits. They can be supplied in both bar, brownie, bites and ball formats (Canada).

Raw Halo (stand S41, Vegan World) is promoting its Mylk and Pink Himalayan Salt Raw Chocolate Bar.   This dairy-free, vegan ‘mylk’ raw chocolate has added pink Himalayan salt.  Its new packaging provides a premium look and feel (UK).

MOMA Foods (stand Q5) is showcasing MOMA’s 7 instant porridge pots, which are all gluten free and made with wholegrain British jumbo and fine oats.  With a growing focus on free from, the new Apple & Cinnamon and  Coconut and Chia favours are dairy free, and the Coconut and Chia is also a ‘Great Taste’ winner (UK).

Nuheath JSC (stand Q75) is exhibiting its riceUP range, which includes brown rice cakes (with seven super seeds), chips, rolls and cakes all coated with Belgian chocolate. Products are gluten free, no GMO, and diet friendly (Bulgaria).

Solaris Tea (stand U8) is promoting its new range of tea blends, packaged in cylinders.  The ‘be better Chakra’ tea range is an ideal complement to any holistic or beauty treatments, as well as Meditation, Yoga and Tai-Chi.  The range includes: I Love–Heart, I Speak–Throat; I see–Third Eye; I Know–Crown; I Am–Root; I Feel–Sacral; and I Do–Solar Plexus (Ireland).

Bounce Foods (stand L1) is showcasing its vegan protein energy ball range – Bounce V Life.  Available in five flavours, including Beetroot Cashew – a blend of sweet beetroot and smooth cashew nuts plus 9g of veggie protein (UK).

Follow Your Heart UK (stand S45, Vegan World) is showcasing its Sriracha Vegenaise.  A sweet and spicy blend of traditional Sriracha chilli peppers and soya-free Vegenaise, it is 100% vegan, preservative free and non-GM.  Also showcasing: hickory-smoked Gouda style slices (USA).

Taka Turmeric (stand K33) is sampling its Golden Turmeric Latte and Cacao drinks at the show.  They are certified organic, vegan friendly and are free from sugar, dairy and preservatives.  The Golden Latte features a synergy of turmeric, coconut milk, ginger and spices.  The Golden Cacao Hot Chocolate combines cacao, coconut milk, spices and superfoods (UK).

Viridian Nutrition (stand F50) has launched its certified Organic Curcumin Latte, an infusion of turmeric and aromatic spices to be mixed into a warm, plant based milk.  Originating from South East Asia, this nutritious beverage is a caffeine free alternative to coffee.  The drink benefits from being high-potency, with 270mg curcuminoids per serving from a high strength turmeric extract (UK).

Lovechock (stand U31) is showcasing a new 93% Cacao Tablet.  An intense dark chocolate, with an elegant cacao flavour and floral and fruity aromas.  The 93% is full of raw cacao (the most powerful superfood on the planet), and is 100% organic, raw, vegan, gluten and soy free.  Lovechock is sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, which has a much lower glycemic index than refined sugar (UK).

Plamil Foods (exhibiting as So Free Chocolate, stand T31, Vegan World) is showcasing its organic mayo with a fresh green chilli taste, in a squeezy bottle.  Like all the other Plamil egg free mayo, it is high in essential polyunsaturates and made using soya beans.  There is no soya protein isolate in any Plamil product.  It is milk free, gluten free, and suitable for vegans and coeliacs (UK).

Triballat-Noyal (stand P20) is exhibiting Sojade So Hemp, an unsweetened, lactose-free drink, made from organic hulled hemp seeds and spring water, with no added sugar.  Hemp is naturally rich in Omega 3, and is also naturally low in saturates.  It can be enjoyed on its own or on cereals, in tea or coffee, or used as a milk replacement in vegetarian recipes (France).

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Natural Food Show at Natural & Organic Products Europe returns to London ExCeL on 2-3 April 2017.  For more information and to register for a free trade ticket, please visit and quote priority code NPR22 (direct link:



Media enquiries & press pass requests to:
Please apply for press accreditation via this link:
Emma-Louise Jones, Head of PR
t: +44 (0)1273 645134
e: [email protected]

Exhibitor enquiries to:
Carol Dunning, Event Director
t: +44 (0)1273 645125
e: [email protected]



High resolution images are available upon request:×707.jpg×680.jpg×1040.jpg×1208.jpg×643.jpg

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