Divine Herbal to showcase 'Facial Treatment Serum' for ageing & uneven skin tone

Along with the newly re-sized version of their ‘Hair Loss’ oil, Divine Herbal (stand 4106) will now also be launching their 100% natural ‘Facial Treatment Serum’ at this year’s ‘Natural Products Show’.

Designed to sink effortlessly into the skin, The Facial Treatment Serum contains a nourishing concentrate of: Rosehip Seed, Hazelnut, Grape Seed and Blackcurrant Seed Oils, along with essential oils (Immortelle, Sandalwood and Neroli) to help fight against the appearance of ageing and uneven skin tone.

Brand owner ‘Syed Athar Imam’ who has been involved in importing and developing skin and hair care products since 2005 explains how it works:

“Rosehip Seed Oil is naturally very high in Vitamin A (Retinol) and quickly absorbed by the skin, without the redness, peeling or irritation some people experience when using synthetically produced Retinol treatments. We then combine this with the best essential oils, vitamin-rich Blackcurrant Seed Oil to nourish the skin, Grape Seed Oil (high in Vitamin C) to brighten the complexion and Hazelnut Oil due to its balancing effect on the other ingredients. It help’s to renew the skin and therefore reduces fine lines, irregular pigmentation – such as minor scars and under-eye circles and counteracts dehydrated skin.”

For a free sample to take home and try, along with further information, please visit stand 4106 at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe, or get in touch with Divine Herbal at [email protected] or by calling 01274 403772.

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