Dr Marilyn Glenville

Q&A: Dr Marilyn Glenville

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health.  Always a popular speaker at the show, this year she’ll be discussing ‘Natural hormone balancers for women’, including the latest research for natural health retailers. (more…)

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Adam Thompson, Rebel Kitchen

Q&A: Adam Thompson, Rebel Kitchen

Adam Thompson, MD of Rebel Kitchen, will be sharing his insights into the future of the plant-based category and what really matters to free from consumers in the Natural Food Talks Theatre on Monday 23 April (3pm).  We caught up with him before the show to find out more… (more…)

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Helen Yeardsley, Healthy Beauty Director, Pegasus

Q&A: Helen Yeardsley, Pegasus

Our next Q&A features Helen Yeardsley, healthy beauty director at Pegasus.  She’ll be chairing an exclusive panel discussion on Clean Beauty on the show’s second day, featuring Jo Chidley (Beauty Kitchen), Jayn Sterland (Weleda), Lucy Pottinger (Holland & Barrett), Lauren Bartley (Soil Association), and Helen Lynn (CoolGreen). (more…)

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Henrietta Norton, Wild Nutrition

Q&A: Henrietta Norton, Wild Nutrition

Henrietta Norton, co-founder and technical director at Wild Nutrition, is an experienced nutritional therapist in women’s nutrition, pregnancy and fertility.  In her opening day talk, she’ll be exploring the influence that stress has on the immune, digestive and endocrine system; with a special focus on the latest research on its impact on female hormone balance. […]

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Lee Holdstock

Q&A: Lee Holdstock, Soil Association

Lee Holdstock, trade relations manager at Soil Association, plans to give us plenty of food for thought in his show seminar: ‘Taking stock of organic — food as it should be’.  We caught up with him before the show to find out more. Why is it important to grow the natural and organic industry? Whether […]

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Patrick Holford

Q&A: Patrick Holford

Our next Q&A features leading nutritionist Patrick Holford.  A popular returning show speaker, in his session this year he’ll be explaining how retailers can help their customers to ‘un-addict’ their brains and ‘claim a natural connection with smart eating and living’. Why is it important to grow the natural and organic industry? It is the backbone […]

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Esther Mills-Roberts

Q&A: Esther Mills-Roberts

Nutritional biochemist and registered nutritionist, Esther Mills-Roberts will tackling bone health in her opening day show session.  With obesity on the up, more sedentary lifestyles, and an ageing population, she says there needs to be a more sophisticated approach to joint wear and tear, inflammation and cartilage regeneration.  She’ll be presenting the latest research, which […]

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